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Postpartum Doula

What is a postpartum doula and what does a postpartum doula do?

In traditional societies, women grow up around birth, breastfeeding, infants and children. And after giving birth, they were surrounded by caring family members with a great deal of experience and wisdom to offer. This kind of help is rarely available to new parents in many societies today with increased distance from family and the responsibilities of parenting in the modern world. The doula’s education, quiet support, and guidance are a manifestation of traditional postpartum support that many cultures are missing today.

A postpartum doula…

Nurtures the New Mother

  • Helps mother to care for her postpartum body
  • Provides breastfeeding support
  • Allows her to rest, shower and nurture herself
  • Helps mom eat properly and drink plenty of fluids

Provides Emotional Support for the New Family

  • Listens and helps process the birth story
  • Validates the normal adjustment process
  • Supports mother through emotional vulnerability
  • Supports father through his transition to his new role
  • Provides community resources as needed

Helps with Infant Care

  • Demonstrates infant care techniques such as diapering, bathing, and swaddling
  • Infant soothing and coping techniques for parents
  • Helps parents to develop their own styles of nurturing and bonding with baby
  • Provides infant care so parents can get some rest

Assists with Household Chores

  • Prepares light meals and snacks for the new mother and family
  • Organizes nursery, changing, and feeding stations
  • Doing and folding laundry
  • Changing sheets for mother’s and babies bed
  • Runs errands and does food shopping
  • Performs light household duties such as dishes

A postpartum doula does not…

  • Evaluate mother’s or baby’s medical condition
  • Take over the care of baby
  • Insist new parents care for their baby in a particular style
  • Do heavy housecleaning

Postpartum Services and Fees

Since my services vary from one mother to another, I have listed all possible services I can offer. Some may apply to you and some may not. However, I meet with my postpartum clients beforehand to help determine how I might best support them and meet their family’s needs.

Services may include:

  • one initial consultation for a chance to meet in person, get answers to questions you might have, and to arrange an initial plan of support
  • Nurturing the new mother
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Emotional support
  • Light meal preparation
  • Household management, such as laundry and light house keeping
  • Run errands, such as food shopping
  • Nursery organization and set up for new baby
  • Newborn care
  • Swaddling and diapering
  • Strategies for soothing baby
  • Sibling care
  • Information and resources
Schedule a Consultation

My fee is $25/hour with a $150 deposit required upon hire to secure the first four hours of support including any consult time in person, by text, email, or phone. I request a minimum of four hours of support but can work as many or as few hours above that, which is something we will determine together as you are in a position to better assess your needs once baby has joined the family.

Hours and length of service varies from client to client depending on the family’s needs. Due to my family commitments, I am only able to provide part-time support with shifts of no more than 4 hours a day or one overnight of support a week, or a combination of those. I am available to provide support to my clients up to three times a week. Overnight doula support focuses primarily on baby care to insure that baby is properly cared for while the new parents rest. Postpartum services are billed on an hourly basis of $25.00.

Please contact me as soon as you decide you might be interested in hiring a postpartum doula as I want to be available to my clients wholeheartedly and try hard not to overbook my schedule.