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   Looking For A Childbirth Class Taught by an Award Winning Educator? Do you need a virtual class option in light of the current pandemic?

Then Look No Further!

I was honored with the title of Childbirth Educator of the Year in 2016 by Cathy Daub, president and founder of BirthWorks!

I Offer 3 Formats for BirthWorks Childbirth Education:

Virtual 8-Week Comprehensive Series


Virtual 2-Week Refresher Series

(The refresher series is the only private childbirth class in Hampton Roads developed exclusively for those who have previously given birth.

And it is also approved as a refresher class for those birthing at the Midwifery Center at DePaul.)


Virtual One-on-one 2-Part Class

(Contact me for more details regarding scheduling the one-on-one option.

Also note that the one-on-one class option is approved as a refresher class for those birthing at the Midwifery Center at DePaul.)

What Is  BirthWorks®?  (www.birthworks.org

BirthWorks is an in-depth, eight-week childbirth class series taught by Amara Minnis, CCE(BWI) the longest certified BirthWorks facilitator serving the Hampton Roads Area. There is also the condensed two-week refresher class available, using the same materials as the eight-week series, but meeting in less than half the time. The refresher class is only for those couples who have previously given birth, and also fulfills the refresher requirement for WomanCare Midwifery.

We cover the following topics, as outlined by the 260-page BirthWorks Workbook provided for each couple at the start of the series:

  • Trusting our bodies and the energy of the birth process
  • Exploring our own beliefs and attitudes about childbirth
  • Physical as well as emotional aspects of pregnancy, labor and birth
  • The importance of nutrition, exercise, and preparation
  • Recognizing the stages of labor and birth and knowing how to navigate and cope with each one
  • Educating your labor partner so s/he can best bond with, and support, you and the baby
  • Comfort measures for pregnancy, labor and birth, including a labor rehearsal to practice the tools and skills learned
  • Optimal fetal positioning, optimal pelvic positioning, and pelvic body work
  • Recognizing fears related to birth & mothering so you can progress in labor, uninhibited
  • Healing past emotional pain in preparation for labor
  • Assessing risks, benefits, and alternatives to medical procedures
  • Acquiring knowledge about the real risks of VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and strategies to achieve a VBAC
  • Preparing for postpartum, breastfeeding, and early parenting

My 8-week Comprehensive BirthWorks Series is supplemented with guest speakers including a chiropractor and lactation consultant to bring additional insight to the topics covered, as well as connections to local resources for the expectant couples. And perhaps most exciting of all, a new mom and dad will also come to share their birth story, told in their own words.

There are three options to experience the BirthWorks curriculum: the full-length 8-week course, the 2-week refresher course, or the one-on-one 2-part class, all in the virtual format using zoom.

The traditional classes meet once a week for 8 consecutive weeks and cost $300/couple.  ($50 deposit to secure your spot, remainder of fee due by first class)  Choose the series that works best with your due date. It is recommended that you complete your childbirth education by your 35th week, careful not to take it too early in your pregnancy that you might forget what you learned. This is an approved class for couples birthing with WomanCare Midwifery.

The refresher class will meet once a week for just 2 weeks. This option is only for parents who have previously given birth, since our instruction time is significantly shorter. This refresher course will also fulfill the refresher requirement for eligible couples birthing with WomanCare Midwifery. The cost is $225/couple, with a $50 deposit to secure your spot, and the remainder of the fee due by the first class. However, if you have previously taken BirthWorks and still have your course materials (workbook and supplementary handouts), then the cost is $200/couple. Scroll below for class details.**

The one-on-one class virtual class is ideal for those with challenging schedules or childcare issues. We meet twice in your home for three hours, and cover the most pertinent information for your unique birth situation. The cost for this class is $400, with a $50 deposit to secure your spot on my teaching calendar. This option is approved as a refresher class for those birthing with WomanCare Midwifery as well.

As interest in my classes has grown so has the class size. I am happy to be able to accommodate 12-15 couples regularly and expand to 18 if necessary. We have a well appointed space on campus that seats many couples comfortably. It has been a wonderful seeing the varied interactions and conversations that come from a larger group. But I have also been pleased to see the intimate nature of our exploration and hands-on learning has not been affected. If anything it has been enhanced by maintaining the relationship building for the couples, while also fostering connections with the other expectant parents in the class, providing a foundation for long lasting friendships. Plus, our eat and chat time that opens each class has been a great way for class participants to get to know each other and their instructor on a more personal level.


Lifetime friends are often made in childbirth class. It is a pivotal point in the students’ lives and is a great place to connect with others going through the same joys and challenges that pregnancy and parenthood bring. I have seen several BirthWorks reunions spring from class in which couples reconnect and meet each others’ babies months after the last class.

Please register ASAP to secure your spot.

Classes have been filling up to two months early!

Download the form to register and email or mail to me once completed. Payment can be made using the Paypal button below or by check mailed to the address listed on the registration form.

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