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“She was such a great encouragement not only to me as the mom but to my husband as well. My hubby likes to refer to Amara as “his doula”. Throughout our labor and delivery Amara was an invaluable part of our birth team. We couldn’t have done it without her.” ~ Paula
“Amara Minnis is one of the most caring, compassionate individuals you could ever hope to have while journeying through this process. She is kind, soft-spoken, and extremely attentive to the mother and significant other as the pregnancy progresses to the labor and birthing process.” ~ Shannon
“The same traits that attracted us initially, that gentle comfort and soft voice of encouragement and support, are what she brought to our birthing experience. My husband agrees we couldn’t have had the wonderful birth experience we had without her. Not just without any doula, but specifically Amara.” ~ Janet
“Amara provided excellent support and communication for weeks before I went into labor. She helped me progress labor through positioning techniques, and helped relax and calm me during active labor and transition. Amara was so compassionate and appropriate during my labor and birth. It was such an amazing and healing experience!“ ~ Cindy
I consider it a privilege to assist families on their road to parenthood. Whether we meet at the beginning, the middle, or even at the end, my goal is to provide the support that each family needs on their birthing journey. I trust the body’s design and its ability to birth without intervention, and truly believe in every woman’s capacity and right to do so. However, I also believe in the importance of informed decision-making and strive to put my clients in touch with evidence-based information to help them prepare for the birth that feels right for them. If a couple is well-supported, included, and respected along the way, they will have a birth experience they will treasure and a postpartum period that will establish them as confident parents.